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Are you interested in becoming a FACILITATOR of THEGROOVE?
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If you have been trained as a Facilitator of THEGROOVE™ in the last 24 months, take advantage of attending one of our upcoming Facilitator Trainings at 50% off.

The World GROOVE Movement™
Education flow of THEGROOVE
Providers, Facilitators and Designers

There are 3 levels in THEGROOVE


A Provider of THEGROOVE™ is:

  • Someone who has attended THEGROOVE™ Facilitator Training after September 2012 and is in the process of finishing the 6-class-practicum.
  • Someone who has attended a GROOVEMethod Training with The GROOVEMethod institute before September 2012 and has finished their practicum but not updated to the New Facilitator training.
    *This level will be phased out as of Dec. 31, 2014.
    You have until December 31, 2014 to attend or register for any 2014 and 2015 Facilitator Training for THEGROOVE™ at 50% off.
    *Video class submission is required for completion.

If you have any questions regarding your update training, please contact: support@TheWorldGROOVEMovement.com


Requirements to become an Official Facilitator or THEGROOVE and maintain your status:

  • You have attended THEGROOVE™ Facilitator Training
  • You have finished your 6-class practicum, passed your online exam, submitted your full-class video and have received approval by your Master Trainer or a Member of The World GROOVE Movement™
  • You have registered and carry a license to provide THEGROOVE™ by The World GROOVE Movement™.
    • License options: All licensing agreements are for a minimum of 1 year.
      • Month to Month – US$25.00
      • 6 months (2 payments) – US$140 .00
      • 1 year paid in full – US$260.00

How do I maintain my Facilitator of THEGROOVE status?

In order to maintain your status as a Facilitator of THEGROOVE™, you must attend a minimum of
8 hours of GROOVE Education once every two years.

The following are approved continuous education credits:

  • THEGROOVE™ Facilitator Training (50% discount for repeats)
  • 1 Day Facilitator Enrichment Training
  • 1 Day THEGROOVE™ for KIDS Training
  • Attendance at any GROOVE retreat or event with Misty Tripoli
  • Online Education (available on the resources 2015)
  • In-person workshops and special GROOVE events with Misty Tripoli or the education team.

This is our highest level Facilitator of THEGROOVE!

Requirements to attend Designer of THEGROOVE Training:
**These 2-4 day trainings are specialized intensive trainings lead by Misty Tripoli

  • Attend THEGROOVE™ Facilitator Training (since Sept. 2012)
  • Practicum and class video submission has been approved
  • You are licensed official Facilitator of THEGROOVE™ by The World GROOVE Movement™.
  • Attend the 1 day Enrichment/Designer Prep course

What is the 1 Day Enrichment Designer Prep course and what does it include?
This is a one-day course that takes you deeper into THEGROOVE™ with enriched skills and tools on how to become a more powerful facilitator. This course is a pre-requisite to attend the Designer training.

In this training you will focus on:

  • How to inspire through demonstration and communication the fullest expression, potential creativity and possibility of that movement.
  • How to create safe, inviting and powerful interactions & connections with your participants.
  • How to use the ELEMENTS of THEGROOVE™ effectively and creatively to create mind-blowing authentic dance experiences.
  • How to use music from THEGROOVE™ resources effectively for a deeper GROOVE experience
  • Understanding the difference between facilitating Fitness and DANCE

What is the DESIGNER Training?
Art in Motion! This training gives you the skills and tools you need to transition from a Facilitator to a Designer of THEGROOVE™.

In this training you will:

  • Explore intuitive movement and how to trust your innate creativity
  • Learn how to listen to and work effectively and creatively with your own music
  • Learn how to design the perfect GROOVE move for your music
  • Learn the “Whys” and “Hows” of simple movement and music connection
  • Develop the skills and language needed to turn your GROOVE experience into moving Art.

After this training, during your practice you will begin to integrate up to 20% of your playlist with your own content. After you have been approved by Misty and are an official Designer of THEGROOVE™, your playlist can be up to 80% your content.

What is included in the Designer Training?

  • Gain access to the Designer Category on the resources
  • Join the private Designer of THEGROOVE™ Facebook page
  • Receive mentoring and coaching from Misty on a personal basis.
  • Be invited to add your content onto the resources for GROOVERS around the world.


THEGROOVE for KIDS Facilitator

1 day workshop for certified Facilitators on how to create THEGROOVE™ experience for children and youth ages 4 -14. You must be a licensed Facilitator of THEGROOVE™ in order to attend this course.

More specialty programs to come:
THEGROOVE™ for Seniors
THEGROOVE™ F.I.T. (Functional. Integrated. Training)

For more information or questions please contact us support@TheWorldGROOVEMovement.com

How to become an official licensed Facilitator of THEGROOVE™and provide a DANCEfloor in your community.

The World GROOVE Movement provides the highest quality education, resources and information to train, assist and empower our facilitators to create delicious dance experiences that nurture the mind, body, heart and soul.

What is required to attend THEGROOVE Facilitator Training?

  • You have read and understand the process to becoming a licensed facilitator
  • You love to move your body and love music
  • You are passionate about creativity and authenticity
  • You are willing to learn a new way of doing things
  • A willingness to practice
  • No dance experience is required

What is THEGROOVE Facilitator Training?

Nineteen hours or 2 ¼ amazing days of dancing and learning about ©The Technology of AUTHENTICITY and how to apply it to movement to create THEGROOVE experience. You will be given all the information, theory and practical application necessary to become a facilitator and how to provide a GROOVE class in your community.

*To become an official Facilitator of THEGROOVE™, you must complete a six-class practicum along with a full-class video submission, take an online exam, and obtain Educator/Trainer approval.

What is included in your course fees?

  • Nineteen hours of high quality education and training
  • All printed materials, manuals and workbooks
  • Mentoring, coaching and support through the completion of your practicum
  • Ninety-day access to THEGROOVE™ Online Resources which provide you with video tutorials, playlists, educational information, promotional material, continuous support by The World GROOVE Movement™ Support Team.

What happens after the 90-day trial period on the resources?
To continue to use the resources, you will need to obtain a minimum 1 year Membership and License with The World GROOVE Movement™.

How long do I have to complete my practicum?
You have 1 year from the date of your training to complete and submit your practicum.
If practicum is not received within 1 year of training date, you will need to repeat the training to continue.

  • There is no practicum fee if you complete and submit within 6 months.
  • There is a US$50 processing and administration fee if you complete and submit
    within 6-12 months.